Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One of my goals for the year is to make an article of clothing for myself. I made my homecoming dress in 10th grade, but I bet my mom did a lot of it...I was also stick thin so I basically sewed two flat pieces of fabric together and had a dress. It's a little more complicated when you've got a few curves to account for.

Instead of jumping right into a big sewing project I'm going to start out refashioning clothes first. One of the blogs I look at has some great tutorials/ideas for refashioning clothes.
Homemade By Jill is more of a "crafty mom blog", but she's really good at giving instructions and printable patterns for the projects she does and she's been doing cool stuff with her clothes recently.

Check out her
shirt to dress refashion, the ruffle t-shirt she made, and the maternity shirt refashion. She makes me so excited to start sewing and refashioning clothes!

Have a great day!
J Squirrel

*I patched my boyfriend's jeans the other day. 5 patches later and there are still holes in them. Now the crafting bug has bitten him and he wants to get some cool fabric to patch the rest of his jeans. :)

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  1. wow, that blog you recommended is cool! Kinda makes me want to get crafty! ;)kinda...