Monday, May 3, 2010

Modern Fiber Lab

I am absolutely, most positively, loving these necklaces and bracelets right now! I found out about them earlier this year at the craft fair that was up in the Cobb Galleria. (Can't remember what it was called) The artist is Sonya Yong James and her company is called Modern Fiber Lab. Her booth was the first one that stood out to me because she had these great wooden walls...think office cubicles made of birch, with modern, interlocking hinges. The bright colors in her work just popped off the light color of the wood and drew me in.

These necklaces and bracelets are hand embroidered felt mixed with sterling silver pieces.

This last one is a bracelet.

Not only does she make this really cool jewelry, but she also makes gorgeous throws, vessels, and art pieces from felt. I would have loved to walk away with one of her pieces, but unfortunately she's just a bit out of my price range...maybe she'll have a sale? A girl can hope.

In the meantime check out her work on Etsy.

J Squirrel

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