Sunday, October 3, 2010

Etsy Love

I wanted to get my sister a little something to remind her of home while she's in Paris. I opted out of the "I Heart ATL" t-shirt because while she's over there she should probably pretend she's Canadian. What I found instead is something much more subtle, pretty, and doesn't scream "I'm American!".

Here it is:

Awww, it's the state of GA! I found the necklace on Etsy in a shop called tru.che. She does most of the states, as well as a bunch of countries, and can place the heart in various spots of the state/country. It's made from fine silver and handmade/hand-cut when you order it. Since I ordered a couple at once it was neat to see the slight variations in both necklaces. Here are some of the other states/countries:

{image here}

{image here}

Aren't they sweet! Perfect for a going away present.

Yay for the Etsy!



  1. So stinkin cute..which state would I choose

  2. You are such a sweet sister! Glad you have the little brothers to love on while Jo is gone! Love you! :)

  3. Oh I love these, Julia! And I've been looking for something similar!