Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gift Idea #1

The holidays are approaching! So, here's gift idea #1: Reusable Coffee Sleeve

Image from Cupkozy's Etsy Store

I know, I know...kind of an old idea, but this one caught my eye for a couple reasons.
1. much sleeker design than the knitted ones
2. it has a clip for you to clip it to keys, hook on your backpack, purse, etc.
3. the little elastic loop lets you roll it up so it's even more compact

What do you think? You can find it on Etsy for $7.

Happy Shopping!
J Squirrel

1 comment:

  1. I can say first hand (I have 6 I think now) I LOVE them! I showed my sister my first one & I think she's purchased about 10 or so she also loves to gift them...everytime I pull mine out at a coffee shop I get tons of comments on them and lots of questions. They are totally adorable and yes they make PERFECT gifts so unique & super cute I gift mine with a coffee card they always love it!