Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meow-y Christmas!

Ho ho ho!

We had a dress rehearsal last night for this year's holiday photo card that will include our kitties and it was a good time had by all (except for George Michael aka Santa -- I'm not convinced that he is pleased with his outfit)! Perhaps he would rather be an elf? Or maybe he just isn't "feeling" Christmas and we will have to construct him a Grinch costume! 

Mia adored her little red striped sweater, and did not want to take it off, but she will just have to wait until the rest of us are all set with our coordinating outfits because we don't want her wearing that little number out before the official photo shoot :)

We will be sure to post the final product as soon as it is complete, as we are certain that you will get a laugh out of it! 

Until then,
~J Fox

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