Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Resolutions's the new year...and we've been thinking that we might need to make a few resolutions. We're not real traditional gals so we're going to skip over the traditional resolutions like eating healthier, exercising more, blah, blah, blah. Who can actually stick to those anyways?? J Fox has about a 50% success rate with her resolutions whereas I have trouble just coming up with them.

So, with that in is what we have come up with for the year

J Fox-
1. Go through and complete a 10-step rehab for Etsy addiction (3 hours at a time on the same website is not healthy- no matter how awesome Etsy is)
2. Learn enough to "get by" in another language

J Squirrel-
1. Improve my sewing skills and make an article of clothing
2. Contain my Yogurt Tap consumption to once a week - not because it's unhealthy...just because I don't need to go every day... (The coconut today was so tasty though!)

*My roommate thinks my #2 resolution is a "lofty goal" and J Fox says she "guarantees" that I will fail...haters.

What resolutions are you making for the new year?

Good luck!
J Fox and J Squirrel

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