Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craft Day

A few weeks ago I hosted a craft day for some friends. The goal being that each friend would leave with a new shirt stemming from this nautical bib top tutorial from Made by Lex. I forgot to take pictures...but Catherine of Asian Cajuns has a lovely little post written up about our crafting morning.

Here is the shirt Catherine made:

here is the shirt that I made:

I started with a scoop neck shirt and added on a 'bib' with two layers of pleated fabric. It was a super quick shirt to make and the scariest part was sewing knit onto knit! I've got the hang of it now! :)

The thing I like the most about our shirts is that they end up being in the same color family. Mine are gray/black and Catherine's light/dark pink. I'm a fan of working with like colors at the moment. When you do that, you can tell that there is something going on with the shirts, but it's not super obvious and the texture is what really clues you in that it's more than just a plain shirt.

Another craft day is in the works. This time focusing on jazzing up a pair of old summer sandals. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

J Squirrel


  1. That looks awesome! And I love Lar and Cath's post about the day. I would love to be included in one! I want to start sewing in addition to my knitting.