Sunday, September 19, 2010

Au Revoir Sister

My sister leaves for Paris tomorrow! {Sad face}

{photo from the last time we were both in Paris}

I'm going to miss my little sister soooo much! It's amazing how much more you start to like your siblings as you get older. There were times when we were younger when I thought we'd never get along. I used to jump out from behind doors and scare her {over, and over, and over again}. She used to pick at me while I was reading, just for the fun of "pushing my buttons". I used to be so annoyed that she like the same music as me. She used to get so frustrated that I wouldn't listen to her, but most of the time it was because I was reading and didn't realize she was talking to me. We really used to get on each others nerves...but then one day I went to college...and then we became friends. Our relationship has only gotten better since then and she has been a great support system for me - especially this summer.

This summer has come at me with panic attacks and anxiety, a breakup, and the death of a great boss - all in a the course of a month and a half. She's been there through it all {along with so many other great friends/family members}, so while I'm so excited for her, it's hard to think that one of my greatest support systems will now be 9 hours and a really expensive plane ride away. I'm sure I'll make it through because I know I can't rely solely on her, but I sure have appreciated the wise words and hugs she's given me this summer.

I love you sister!



  1. That is so sweet, Julia! Just what every parent hopes for ~ with their children. You are both such amazing young women. I am very proud of you and I just know that you will be able to push on through while Jo is in Paris! I love you both very much! Let me know if you need an "ear". Aunt Betsy :)

  2. I love you both more than words. And that was such a sweet post. Perfectly written, might I add :) xoxo

  3. oh julia! i'm so emotional here already and i just saw this... BAAAAAAAAWWWWW! (that's me bursting into tears of course)
    i miss you sooooooooo much too! i'm so glad im coming home for christmas!
    i appreciate this post so much i can't even tell you. it's hard to leave home when you have such great family and community around you...
    i love you!!!!!!!!!