Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wanting something pretty... put my TV on. Currently it's sitting on an old Ikea-like desk that I got from a friend. It's a light wood finish and it's got some crayon scribbles on top from the younger days of her cute daughter. I made a curtain to cover the cords that hang down the back, but I'm getting bored with it and want something

This is what it looks like now:

I was a little too lazy to hem the curtain to the correct length...but I also made it around midnight the night before I hosted my step-mom's baby shower, so I was a little rushed.

Anyways, last weekend I took a little trip to Kudzu Antique Market to look around and see if I could find anything. {I love Kudzu!} Here's the first piece I thought about:

The piece is massive! I have no idea what it was once used for, but it was old, on wheels...big, red, and beautiful! Unfortunately the price on it was a bit out of my budget (not sure what the budget was, but definitely out of it). It also didn't really have a good spot for a dvd player to reside, so I left it there for someone else to find.

This is what I really, really wanted to bring home that day:
I think it's an old school cart of some sorts...but I'm probably wrong. Painted green metal with a few rust spots, the doors open out and would be a great place to store books, dvd's, odds'n'ends, etc... I'm a sucker for old metal things {which explains my metal basket collection}. Unfortunately, this piece was even more outside my budget than the first one, so it stayed at Kudzu.

I wish I still had the Scoutmob deal for Kudzu. Maybe they'll do another one? Anyone have any suggestions on other places to look for cool pieces of furniture?



  1. I love the last piece. The color is great!

  2. Want some antiques? There is a great store in Charlotte called Memommy's Carport room.

  3. Rob, I'll be up to get them in mid-Feb. We can fight over the good stuff. :)