Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flowers for your Hair

Has anyone else jumped on this trend? I have and I love it! The first flower I got was from a J.Crew in Seattle. It's about 3 inches wide and is made of black fabric petals with little seed beads in the middle. I was a little nervous about wearing it at first because it's this big dark thing thing on the side of my platinum blond head, but I got over it!

This picture is from my birthday dinner in Seattle. I paired the flower with a black and white plaid top, jeans, and black heels. The flower made the plaid just a little more feminine and glamorous and not so lumberjack-esque.

H&M has some great flowers right now, ranging from about 4 or 5 inches wide to little bitty ones that are only about an inch wide, so it's not a huge investment like some trends can be. I went with pink flowers that are an inch and a half wide but have a little more body to them and stick up about an inch off my head. They were only $3. Can't beat that! I wore them with a low side bun (not like the 80's side ponytail) with the flower right between the bun and my ear.

Glam up your summer wardrobe with some hair flowers and if you don't live near an H&M, check out Nomsa on Etsy for handmade hair flowers.

Stay cool,
J Squirrel

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