Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! Oh wait, just tigers...

Exhibit A.) an Asian Leopard Cat

Exhibit B.) lazy domestic house cat

Exhibit C.) incredible drawing of a tiger by Julia Pott

Name: Mia
Age: 2
Breed: Bengal (1/2 Asian Leopard Tree Cat and 1/2 domestic tabby)
Likes: kissing, hiding under covers, getting high off catnip, and pilates
Dislikes: being alone

Since we are introducing our pets, I feel the need to preface my introduction with a little background on this glorious creature....

'Bengals' are a relatively new hybrid breed of cat [legal, when 3rd generation] of an Asian Leopard Cat crossed with a domestic house cat.

My pretty little creature below is what you get when these two very different types of cats procreate:

...Mia doing Pilates

Mia posing for a headshot....

and Mia under the covers...
Isn't she lovely? We will most likely mention Mia in future posts, as she loves perusing Etsy with us and picking out her personal favorite artistic creations! Here is a peek at one of them:

"Our Exquisite New Corsets"
by Jessie Lawson

Stay tuned for more of Mia's picks! We think she has quite the discerning eye for creativity and originality!

Until next time, J & J

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