Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We love cheese...a lot. I mean we really love cheese. We think it's the bees knees, the cat's meow, it's so yummy in your tummy....aaahhh, cheese. (Soy cheese = worst invention ever)

This weekend I was visiting my boyfriend up in Virginia and we went to a great little market in Williamsburg. It's one part really nice grocery store, one part sandwich shop, and one part cheese counter. Makes for a tasty late lunch or afternoon snack. Here's is the plate of cheese we got. We picked the cheese and they add bread and dried fruit to accompany it.Don't you love the wodden plate and knife the serve on?! The cheese on the left is a mild cheddar layered with stilton, the dark brown is cheddar with port, I believe, and the one on top is a double cream brie with herbs (AMAZING!). If you have never tried a double cream brie please go to your nearest Whole Foods and get some. It was one of the best cheeses I have ever had. We almost fought for the last bite. :)

Go get some cheese, crackers, wine/beer, have a good snack and let us know what you got to enjoy.

Munching Away,
J Squirrel

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  1. No reference to perhaps the most hilarious cheese moment in movie history?! For shame.

    Duke: So, uh, do you... like cheese?
    Eunice: More than almost any other animal by-product.
    --"She's the Man"

    Love, Jane