Sunday, July 26, 2009

Felt Farm

What is made out of wool and felt, has black beaded eyes, is 'born' on a farm in West Virginia, and can be worn on your neck?? Stumped? We figured you might be....
That would be Nancy Bevins "Motley Mutton" creations.

We stumbled across Nancy's felted farm friends when we were perusing Etsy and were just *smitten* with her creative usage of wool and felt.  It isn't that often that you come across a piece of jewelry that just makes you gasp a little (and not in that "Tiffany blue box" way that makes anyone a bit lightheaded) but in the way that you simply cannot comprehend how someone could be so creative -- or nuts! Hey, they're usually intertwined and go hand in hand, and we love it!
And, of course, we couldn't be more pleased that there is a fox on the Motley Mutton farm. So quirky... we are impressed :)
Go check out her website, and let us know what you think! Even if you would prefer not to wear such a critter around your neck, you can't help but appreciate her originality!

Until next time, 
J & J

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