Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super H Mart

Thank you Piewacket!! Without your post we never would have heard about the wonderfulness that is the Super H Mart. Two hours after reading your post we took a little field trip outside the perimeter to explore Super H Mart for ourselves.

We spent over an hour wandering the aisles, marveling at all the interesting things we saw. The produce section was amazing, super fresh food and lots of things we'd never seen before, like doughnut peaches. The bakery section has lots of great breads and pastries. We tried a cheese danish, a cookie/pastry with pumpkin pure, and a lemon pound cake. (The danish and pound cake were good, the cookie with pumpkin....not so good.)

Next thing we ran across was a whole aisle dedicated to any and every type of instant noodle dinners. I wonder what Chapagetti tastes like?? Spaghetti maybe? :)
Isn't the little cartoon guy on the Cham-pong cute. :) We really loved all the colorful packaging. Here are some more pictures of things we found around the store.

We couldn't escape without also getting some fun little snacks. Panda cookies with vanilla cream, 5 little boxes of various shaped gum(super sweet at first, but the flavor goes away after about 10 chews), and tastiest of all...Choco Banan Pocky! Cookie sticks dipped in banana cream(?) and drizzled with chocolate. Mmmm. :)

Make sure you also check out the home goods section that's almost hiding in the far left corner. They have some cute little bento boxes, great ceramic dishes, rice cookers, and some funky kitchen accessories.

Also, check out Piewacket. It's a great blog for local people to check out and she takes amazing photos.

Until next time,
J & J

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