Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jane Jenni Buttons

Have you heard of Jane Jenni before? She does an super cute kid (and adult) friendly line of melamine plates and cups, buttons, magnets, mugs, lunchbags, and some other fun things. We got some new buttons in the other day and we had to show you guys some of our favorites.

Can you guess what they all are?
The new ones, to us at least, are cool beans, penny pincher, starving artist, talk turkey, peace loving, and smarty pants. It's interesting to see the variation in the button art work. Some buttons are super detailed (ex. penny pincher, starving artist) while others are quite simple (ex. cool cucumber, top banana). We love the buttons below because of the wonderful bird images on them.

And last but not least, our favorites modeled on the lovely J Fox.

Hehe. Isn't the squirrel so cute?! He's so fat and chunky. And boy does that fox look sly...I bet he's up to no good.

Happy Hump Evening,
J & J

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