Monday, August 17, 2009

10 things we love about...

...a free movie!!!

What free movie you say? Paper Heart at the Landmark theater in Midtown. Now for the list:

1. Free = $0
2. Entertainment for an otherwise boring Wednesday evening
3. Driving past The Chocolate Bar and learning that Wednesday is Ladies Night ($5 martinis!!!)
4. Sneaking in coconut almond chocolate clusters from Trader Joe's
5. Being on the "press list" and having reserved seating for an otherwise packed theater
6. Meeting Matt from Overture Films who was nice enough to invite us (thanks for being a loyal reader Matt!)
7. Watching the people in front of us pull out homemade sandwiches, popcorn, and juice boxes that they snuck into the movie. The only thing missing was the picnic basket
8. The movie's creative puppet shows
9. The awkward chemistry between Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi
10. Date night with my roommate. Love her. :)

Ok...a few more.
11. They have a MASH game on the website for the movie!!! This used to fill hours and hours of class time all through middle and high school. Sweet!!
12. The soundtrack which should be pretty awesome.
13. The movie. We enjoyed it. It's good! Cute, sweet, awkward, funny, relatable, and guys you probably enjoy it as well.

Thanks to J roommate for the help on the post and once again thanks to Matt for the invite.

Go see Paper Heart!!
J Squirrel

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