Monday, August 17, 2009

New Favorite on Etsy

We stumbled across this seller, Majestyinc, the other day while surfing through Etsy. Check out the fun keychains and pouches they have. Everything's made from vegan vinyl which we totally support as vegetarians and animal lovers. These were some of our favorite items:
Olive this Keychain. Photo from Majestyinc.
Hedgie Has a Heart Pouch. Photo from Majestyinc.
Glitter Mustache Keychain. Photo from Majestyinc.

Love, love, love the mustaches!! So cool...for guys or girls. The prices are super affordable as well. We're consistently amazed at all the cool stuff out there on Etsy. Our shopping carts are full of stuff that we day we'll be able to afford all of it. Let us know if you find anything worth sharing on Etsy. :)

Until next time,
J & J

1 comment:

  1. What a freakin great find! I love the 'staches - I want one!

    And yes, Lar and I know all the songs to Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis, meet me at the fair. Don't tell me the lights are shinning any where but here!