Friday, August 21, 2009

We LoveYu

Great designer fabrics + animal shaped homemade patterns + local talent + super cute "bios" for each handmade critter = LoveYu Critters.

We were introduced to these plush friends recently and could not help but fall in love (and purchase a few for ourselves!)

Local Atlanta artist, Wren, creates personalities for each of her creations and each critter has its own unique "birth date" and one-of-a-kind, handmade, slightly imperfect, yet irresistible shape. We couldn't resist scooping up one of her kitties, "Esme", as this particular plushie matches J Fox's living room all too perfectly, and doesn't mind being left alone for hours on end but stays quite satisfied on the sofa :)
J Squirrel chose, quite fittingly, a squirrel, named "Dale" for her new friend. She's tried to offer him some nuts apparently but so far he's been just perfectly happy hanging out on the bed without demanding a thing... talk about our kind of pet!

Make sure to visit Wren's zoo and consider adopting one of her lovely critters!

Until next time,
J Fox

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