Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great Finds

In case you didn't get a chance to make it out to the Warehouse Sale in Decatur last missed out!

I really enjoy warehouse you? It's like going to TJ Maxx or Marshalls in case you've never been. You kind of have to be the type of person who enjoys combing through racks and racks of stuff to find that one perfect blouse/tank/pair of jeans/shoes/etc. I once found a pair of Citizens of Humanity brown curdouroys for $10. Yes, you read that right...$10! Nothing wrong with them either! Well, this weekend I found some great steals as well. First thing I found was this cute LeSport Sac wallet that I got from Squash Blossom. Only $16! What a steal! I have a special place in my heart for LeSport Sac and it's really hard for me to pass up anything from them. I saw this wallet in Squash Blossom a few weeks before and was beyond delighted that they had it at the warehouse sale. The designs LeSport Sac comes up with are just great! I love the color and the quirkiness of their pieces. :) Do you recognize the ring on my finger? Perhaps this post will tell you a little more. ;)

Unfortunately I don't have pictures for the other items I found, but one friend is getting an early Christmas/birthday present in the form of a teal, leather, Hobo wallet (also from Squash Blossom for a ridiculously good price) and I got a cute black/white/gray striped tank top from Boogaloos. (Go stop by Boogaloos if you haven't before. The girls that work there are so sweet and they always have awesome window displays.)

Have a lovely weekend. J Fox has probably just landed in San Diego and I'm headed to Independence, Missouri tomorrow.

J Squirrel

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