Monday, July 6, 2009

Kudzu Antique Market

We love rooting through other people's old stuff!! So, going to the Kudzu Antique Market is a perfect hour of amusement for us. If you haven't been you should definitely check it out. It's totally worth it. It's got everything you could imagine and everything you couldn't imagine. We took a quick spin through the other day and here is what we picked up.

A set of four small drinking glasses with "Souvenir de la Fete" engraved on them for J Squirrel. $7 for 4 = good deal. Great for a refreshing summer cocktail.

J Fox brought home a lovely mermaid statue. I think it was about $20, so a little pricey, but she's been looking for a mermaid statue for so long that I wasn't going to let her leave without it. She LOVES mermaids...almost as much as she loves Tim Riggins. We brought the mermaid to the store to do a little photo shoot with some of the was just too fitting not too.

Oh...and the best find of the day, which I don't have a picture for, was a pair of Sevens Jeans for $4 dollars!!! What a deal!! That's why we love antique never know what you're going to go home with.

Happy (antique) Hunting,
J & J


  1. Sweet... I passed this info along to my Mom so she can buy us cheap stuff when they come out to visit in August.

  2. Plan on spending about two hours in there. There's so much to look at that you get sucked in! It's great!