Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Just thought I'd let you guys see the T-shirts we made as Christmas presents for our bosses. We kind of think they are awesome. :) (Hopefully they did as well!)

Marc on a sky blue American Apparel T-shirt

Tommy on a Spearmint Green American Apparel T-shirt

What do you think? We had our resident artist, John, create the images and then we printed them out on iron transfer paper and ironed them on. It was pretty easy and the shirts look great. It's inspired me to decorate more t-shirts/bags/etc with iron on transfers, so I'll let you guys know what I come up with. Have you guys ever used iron on transfers before? Any helpful tips?

Until next time,
J Squirrel


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  2. OMG! These are brilliant! They really look like Tommy and Mark!