Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Christmas time...

My roommates and I got a Christmas tree! We're such grownups now. We got him from a the First Christian Church in Decatur. They won out because they advertised FREE delivery for people in Decatur. We like free and we really like not getting pine needles and sap in/all over our car (we got a little heated talking about whose car the tree was going in...).

Isn't he so pretty?! We haven't named him (or did we...Allie, Jane??), but we definitely know that the tree is a he and that he will not listen to us and stand up straight! Here he is all decorated.
Can you tell he kind of leans? Oh well.

Next on the schedule is making wreaths and garland out of leftover branches that Lowe's will give you for free. Wish us luck!

J Squirrel


  1. We named him Fraser!

    And he may lean...but it's his pimp lean.

  2. yup jane's right. we totally named him already. after you decided he was a boy. also, that picture is false advertising. i didn't actually touch the tree. i'm way too prissy. although according to my stance in the picture, i appear to be about to hoist it into the air.

  3. You ladies got yourself a handsome fella! I think he looks more dapper because he leans ;)

  4. Did you take the picture in a mirror?
    Nice tree :)

  5. Fraser! That's it! Took a picture with my computer camera, that's why it's kind of backwards...