Monday, July 26, 2010

Handmade Coffee Sleeve

I try to be as friendly to the environment as I possibly can, so when I know I'm going to buy coffee somewhere, I take a reusable mug. If I forget...I always have a coffee sleeve in my purse to use. {instead of the cardboard coffee sleeve}

The first coffee sleeve I started using was this one. I really like it a lot and mine has served me well...but I wanted one with a little more color {mine is gray} - something to help brighten my morning. So, I figured I'd make my own.

{Espresso, Yes!}

I found the fabric above at one of my new favorite places in Atlanta - Whipstitch Fabrics. I bought it before I knew what I would do with it, but it ended up being the perfect fabric for this little project. I layered 4 different pieces of fabric, all cut to the same size and shape to make the coffee sleeve. The middle layers were leftover flannel the outer and inner layers were both the coffee fabric. After sewing the layers together I added a piece of velcro to both ends as a means to close or keep it around the cup.

{See the velcro on the left side?}

I thought about sewing the ends together, but realized that if I added velcro it could be reversible! After the first one was made, I realized how incredibly easy they are to make, so I made 10 more! {or something like 10}

These will definitely be making an appearance around the holidays as stocking stuffers. They were fun and easy to make and who doesn't want to help the environment out? :)

Nighty night,

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