Thursday, March 18, 2010

Before and After

Made by Lex has a great tutorial on how to create a dress out of a t-shirt and extra fabric. So, here are the before and after pics of dresses I made for two cute kiddos I know. :)

Dress #1 started as a Halloween shirt from Old Navy and leftover batik (I think it was batik) fabric from my a dress my sister made.

Afterwards, a fun summer dress for a 4 year old with ruffles and a sash.

Dress #2 started with a lime green shirt from The Landing, wherever that is, and some old school floral fabric from my mom's collection.

An hour or so later and here is what I came up with.

Sorry for the weird arm coming out from the side of the picture. I thought that having my roommate holding up the dress would show it off better...but it just looks kind of creepy.

With each dress I shortened the length of the shirt, gathered the skirt, added ruffles to the bottom of the dress, and put in little belt/sash loops. To the shirts I used the extra fabric to make ruffles to cover the images on the shirt. Mom and daughters were very excited to give me a shirt and have it come back as a summer dress.

Happy Crafting!
J Squirrel


  1. I keep thinking these dresses are for you hahah I was thinking: wow...that is tiny!