Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post Office

So, I was standing in line at the post office today and heard this...growl/grunt/guttural sound. I didn't want to look back in case it was a person doing it...didn't want to stare, etc. The sound kept going on and then this guy pipes up with "He's irritable." So of course I then have to turn around and look. What do I see? Boxes with holes. Animal carrier boxes, with holes.

You can mail animals?!?!?!

I of course had to ask the guy what kind of animals he was mailing. One box had white carrier pigeons that were being shipped off to use in a wedding, and the other box with the "irritable" creature turned out to be a pigeon as well. As it turns out, the "irritable" pigeon was actually quite friendly and was being shipped off to a pigeon rescue farm/place in Massachusetts. He was found in a cougar trap and was being used for bait, but some girl found him and kept him fed for a week until she could find the cougar trap owner and get the bird out of there.

I didn't think I'd learn so much at the post office today.

Also, you can ship ladybugs, newborn chicks, and bees at the post office.

J Squirrel

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  1. um, PLEASE tell johanna about that. she HATES pigeons.