Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Morning!

This is what I've been waking up too...or should I say this is what has been waking me up every morning before my alarm is supposed to go off. Hard to be mad with a cute, blurry face like this though. :) No, I'm not trying to simulate a my 'don't have my glasses on' morning vision, my phone just can't catch a good picture of her when she's moving about so quickly.

She has the cutest little routine going on in the mornings. She wakes up, patters over to my side of the bed, puts her feet up, nudges me with her nose, and licks my arm. I pet her for a few minutes and say "Taisy, go lie down" and she does. We sleep for another hour then get up for breakfast.

Pets are great. :)

J Squirrel

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