Thursday, September 3, 2009


We've been frequenting Parish, in Inman Park, recently to do some morning blogging. With free Wi-Fi, good coffee, delicious pastries, and a contemporary farmhouse feel, how could we not fall in love?
Plenty of napkins were used to devour this almond croissant. It was not a pretty sight as the powdered sugar and crumbs flew everywhere. Good thing we weren't trying to impress anyone! We've also tried the plain croissant and the chocolate croissant. They're all tasty - just go for what you're in the mood for. We enjoy sitting at the big, communal, butcher block table, but plan on trying out the tables on the patio as soon as it gets a little cooler here in Georgia.
Have you been to Parish? We have to admit we haven't tried the restaurant upstairs yet...maybe one day we'll get up there. :) Check out the menu and the rest of the story behind the restaurant and the building here.

Til next time,

J & J

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