Friday, September 4, 2009


This post will not have any information that you "need" to know. Just me babbling on about a good day I had. If you don't read it I won't take offense. :)

So, I had the best day on Wednesday! I know, it's Friday..."J Squirrel you're a little late", but I still wanted to share. :)

Ok, so I got to sleep in - always nice. Then I went to get my haircut with my favorite hair stylist Adrianne, at Grow. She gave me a "long bang". I LOVE it! For those that know me...this is potentially a risk, because my hair is super wavy/curly and usually bangs don't work with hair like mine. However...Adrianne is a hair goddess and I always have faith that she won't mess up my hair - and she didn't! I've never had a bang before, so I'm still getting used to it, but I think it makes me look a little older. That's always a plus because people still think i'm in school (not college, high school...yeah). Anyways, go see Adrianne for your next cut/color/whatever. She won't let you down.

After that I went to the gym with my sis and a friend...and then...we went to The Yogurt Tap. Oh holy goodness!! I have found heaven on earth! Frozen yogurt has never been appealing until now. You have to go and try it out! I got original tart, raspberry, and chocolate with pecans, sprinkles and nutella sauce. Sounds like it might be a lot, especially since it's self serve and sometimes you can go a little overboard with self serve. It was only $3.45!! You can barely get a scoop of Coldstone ice cream for that! It's all organice, fresh, natural, yummy goodness. You have to go try it. I took some to J Fox at work and she loved it as well. We're now hooked.

Ok...that was my wonderful Wednesday. :)

Happy Friday!
J Squirrel

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