Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soapbox Race...finally

Did you guys make it out?! It was HOT and MUGGY! No surprise though, this is Georgia in August. We made our way down to the park right as the races were starting. We walked in the entrance at Piedmont and 10th and made it down to the "pit" to get a close up look at some of the cars that were racing. I think there were about 40 cars... Here are some of the ones we saw up close.
Running from the bulls.Willy Wonka boat

Pretty cool, huh? All the cars were really creative...some just looked safer than others. Luckily they had a few huge TV screens set up so you could see what was going on. It was pretty crowded and it was kind of hard to see the cars go by if you weren't right on the barrier.

The red, yellow, and blue arch is the platform that the cars started on. I'm not sure how long the course was...about 1/2 mile? Two turns and a small jump for the cars to go over. Pretty entertaining to watch the jump. That was probably where most of the crashes happened.
I don't have any pictures of the cars coming towards me. It was hard to catch them as they flew past. :) All in all, this was a really cool event! I'm glad it came to Atlanta and hope they'll come back. Maybe next year we'll be able to make and enter a car into the race. Something with a squirrel and a fox? (Ha. We're not that crafty)

Oh...best two things about the day...free ice cream cones and free coolers of water all over the park!

J & J

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  1. I like your new banner! Thanks for sharing the SBD pictures!