Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Gift for Guys (or gals)

I am ALWAYS looking for good gifts for guys. Men are generally pretty hard to shop for, don't you think? While surfing around through various blogs and such...instead of going to bed....I found this!

Photo from Woodtec's Etsy store.
How cool?!?! Handmade from Etsy seller Woodtec. Made from cedar and compatible with iphone 3G and all ipod's minus the shuffle. pretty. Way better than those other docking stations people have, although I wouldn't really know. I don't have an iphone...I just really want one. Maybe Santa will bring me one. (Santa = boyfriend/parents) :)

Good night,
J Squirrel


  1. a) Guys are not hard to shop for and b) Boyfriend would totally buy you an iPhone if he made more than you did

    Posted by Not Your Boyfriend

  2. Hello Not My Boyfriend,

    It's called "saving up". You have a few months. :)

    Not Your Girlfriend

  3. Ha! Just say NO! to iPhone! This is cool idea though.

  4. Oh that is genius! Shoot- but I'm the one with an Ipod touch and my bf has some three year old MP3 player. Smargh!
    I have to say I do agree with you and disagree with Tanner- boys are indeed hard to shop for ;)