Sunday, September 13, 2009

Armadillos...and other animals

Armadillos creep me out. Big time. They are even creepier in person. Especially when they are trying to crawl/climb out of a huge plastic tub three feet away from you. Ewwww...

This animal print, by Catherine Ledner, makes them slightly less creepy...but not by much. However, the other animal prints on her website are great! I found her work featured on a blog I frequent, but check out the rest of her work on her website.

Photo From Twig and Thistle Blog

If you scroll over the 'Animal Prints' button on the top right you can go through all the prints she has. Otherwise the home page slide show will just give you the first set. I'm partial to the goat, hedgehog, raccoon, squirrel, zebra, fox, and hedgehog #2.

Make sure you check out the expressions on some of the animals faces - some are haunting/creepy while others are just hilarious!
Her choice of backgrounds for the animals is also quite fabulous. Most of the designs are simply gorgeous and she pairs them really well with the animals. There is such a strong difference between the live animals and the repetitive, brightly colored backgrounds, but the end effect is wicked cool.

Wicked cool? Hehe. Had to channel my northern friends for that one. :)
Do you have any favorites? What would you pair together and put on your wall?

Have a great start to the beginning of the week! J Fox will be back soon to share her travel stories with us all.

Toodles, J Squirrel


  1. Oh I so want these on my wall. I remember seeing a book with her work in it at Wordsmiths many moons ago.

    ps- Armadillos totally creep me out too! They kind of look like animal-sized bugs

  2. My boyfriend was trying to touch it. Ugh. Eww. Gross. And then he tried to touch me. I was not amused... :)

  3. What do you think about adding this wallpaper to my new room? Haha jk. Well only if it goes with our color scheme :)

  4. I love these wallpapers! But I've never wallpapered let's stick to paint. :)