Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boodalee Pillows

So, after doing a little research I just learned that the Boodalee pillows I got in the mail yesterday are meant for kids/babies...oh well, they're awesome and they are going on my big adult bed. :)

I attempted taking pictures of them last night, but my camera doesn't know how to take a good picture in anything other than bright sunlight, so here are the ones from the Boodalee website.
Squirrel and birdhouse. I love this one the most, obvs. The blocky, simple design is great for a kid, but the cheekiness (is that a word?) of the squirrel with the birdhouse keeps us adults entertained as well.
The robot pillow is just fun. I can totally see a little boy making up stories about the robots and what battle they're going to fight during nap time. :) It's also really interesting that Boodalee went with such a detailed image compared to the rest of the pillows in their aresenal. I wonder if a simpler robot image would look as good...
This girl pillow is so sweet with her big rosy cheeks and the flowers in her hair. I'm actually not sure I'm going to keep this pillow. It might turn into a birthday gift for someone...or maybe I'll save it until a friend has a baby...we'll see which one comes first.

Check out the rest of the pillows on the Boodalee website. I was lucky and picked them up from a great, online sample sale for a lot less than what they are originally. (yay!)

Sleep well,
J Squirrel

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