Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Taisy was not very pleased when I got home with her Halloween costume for this year. I usually don't dress her up because she's too big to be the type of dog you carry around dressed in pink sweaters and rhinestone collars. However...while at Target today I happened to pass by the Halloween costumes and found this funny little costume on sale for about $6. In case you couldn't tell...she's a Hot Dog! OR a Veggie Dog since she's a vegetarian dog (yes, a vegetarian dog, I's weird...whatever) Either cute?!?!

Hahaha! Sooo hilarious! She just stands or sits when she has it on. She's not really sure what to do with it or how to move in it...she's such a good sport, isn't she? :)

Anyone have any stellar costume ideas for Halloween this year? I outdid myself last year and am taking it "boring/easy/simple" this year.

Til next time,
J Squirrel


  1. OMG how cute! My boyfriend's dog is huge and I can't find a costume for him. I really want to get a bow tie and maybe a top hat or something. Do top hats come in dog sizes?

  2. I'm sure they come in dog sizes. They probably even have ones with chin straps so that they stay on. Have a great Halloween!

  3. Ah! You took a picture in my room and my bed wasn't even made!

  4. Well now you just called yourself out, so it's not my fault. :)

  5. That is a sad little hotdog...