Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are... Part II (the real wild...)

My original plans for today were to visit my favorite metro Atlanta attraction, the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain. But alas... the 49 degree weather, cloudy skies, and my lack of getting down all of my warm clothing from the attic has prevented me from pursuing my planned adventure, so I decided that there's really no better way to spend it than staying in my pajamas with plenty of yummy candles lit, a big mug of cider & spiced rum, John Coltrane on the Bose, and a good book in hand (right now it is 'Into the Wild' by John Krakauer).

However, I have decided anyway to share with you some pictures of my friends at the Wild Animal Safari that I would be visiting with today...  I am hoping that they are all having equally cozy days (perhaps cuddling with one another and asking themselves why a zebra, a pig, a giraffe, a sheep, a buffalo, an ostrich, a goat, a deer, and countless other creatures are all living together on a big farm an hour south of Atlanta, Georgia??!!)

Enjoy :)  And if you're a local, make sure you visit this fabulously peculiar attraction sometime, its well worth the trip! The animals are free roaming (as they should always be in my opinion!) and they love to try to get into your car windows, especially when you give them treats!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! 
- J Fox

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