Thursday, October 1, 2009

Carrie Bradshaw with AllieJane Style

I don't know about you, but I've kind of always wanted a name necklace like Carrie Bradshaw had on Sex in the City.
Lucky for me, I was recently informed about a new Etsy shop out there called alliejanedesigns. She makes custom necklaces right now that are "sweet" or "sour" words (how fun!), but I'm kind of hoping she can customize and do my name. :) Check out these super snazzy, handmade, word necklaces below.
Love Necklace

Free, Hope, Love, Craft, Faith, and Peace necklaces

What do you think? I'm smitten. :) They are super reasonably priced, you can choose a gold or silver chain, and I would bet that you could even ask her to do a certain color scheme or fabric.

She'll be hearing from me soon...and maybe some of you as well? Check out the other things in her shop as well as her portfolio of work as a repeat pattern and graphic design artist.

Happy Etsy-ing,
J Squirrel


  1. Wow those are cool - but I must's weird to see something on your post named "AllieJane" seeing as you live with me...and Allie...

    Love, Jane

  2. hahahaha that's what i thought!

    love, allie