Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Door Decorations

Okay...I really, really hate to admit this...but here it goes:

Up until a week ago, my front door was still "decorated" with the Christmas/Holiday wreath I put up in December. {I'm so ashamed} At first I was too lazy to take it down, but it still smelled like pine so I figured it was okay if I left it up a little after the holidays...or maybe into Febuary/March/April/May/June...I know, that's soooo bad!! I don't know how my roommates put up with it.

However, as of a week ago, it is no longer hanging on my door. {Yay!} In it's place is this wreath that I made using this easy tutorial from MADE.

All you need is a wreath form, a hot glue gun, a bag of dried beans/acorns, and a can of spray paint. I used pinto and navy beans for my wreath...but I HIGHLY recommend using the largest beans/acorns you can find. I didn't quite think through the project to realize that small beans would take a lot longer to glue to a wreath than large ones.

So, after a couple episodes of True Blood, a bag of glue sticks, some burned fingers, and half a can of spray paint in buttercream, I had a lovely spring/summertime wreath.

Have a lovely day tomorrow and enjoy the summer weather!

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