Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm a little late on this...but anyone make it to the Virginia Highlands Summerfest two weekends ago? I had a lovely time walking around that Sunday with my roommate and found some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately I was lazy this year and didn't take cards for the stuff I really liked/took pics of, so I have no idea who these artists are. :( I know, bad Julia.

I think my favorite was the necklace with the bird outline. It is so dainty and sweet, but graphic at the same time. Along with great art, free food samples, and good times with my roommate...I was so excited to wear a new dress that I made the night before! I have a bad habit of starting projects with less than 24 hours before I want to use/wear the project. This dress is a perfect example because I started it at 11pm the night before!

How do you like it? I'm pretty pleased. I didn't use a pattern, so there is a little more fabric in the dress than is necessary, but overall it was pretty easy to make. It's basically two big rectangles of fabric that were sewn together and gathered with elastic. I was pleased that it actually stayed up/in place. I'm not always a big fan of strapless dresses because I hate wearing strapless bras (so uncomfy!).

Have a lovely evening!


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  2. Julia!
    that dress is super cute! I want one!!

  3. Well come on down to Decatur and we can make you one! :)