Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I LOVE Thrift Stores

OH MY Gosh.... you won't believe what I found at the thrift store today!

Are you wondering if that is an Orla Kiely bag?
Well you're right!

Are you wondering if it's been used before?
Nope, it hasn't! {practically brand new}

Are you wondering how much I paid for it?
$12.99 - steal of the year

Thank you Last Chance Thrift Store and thank you to the person that had no idea what your bag was worth!! You have no idea how exciting it was for me to find such a good deal today! I usually get overwhelmed at Last Chance since you have to dig through so much crap to find anything good...but today satisfied all the times I've left empty handed.

Yay for good finds at the thrift store and yay for Eclipse! {don't tell me anything, I have to wait til my roommate can go with me tomorrow}



  1. i love you julia goolia because you're so damn cute. i also love that i have know idea who Orla Kiely is, and that when you mentioned "Eclipse" i thought you were actually going to see, like, a solar eclipse. :)

    hope alls well with you, chica!

  2. Kristin! Hahaha, I love you too. When are you coming back to this continent? :)