Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stuffed Owl Tutorial

I found a really cute tutorial on Make It and Love It and thought I would try my own version of it. Instead of re-purposing an old scarf as in the tutorial, I used leftover flannel from some baby blankets I made recently.

So, without delay...here's how to do it!

1. Draw your pattern and trace it onto two pieces of fabric. After it's traced, cut out your shape leaving an extra half inch for seam allowance.

2. Pin together your edges.

3. Sew around your pattern line and leave a 2 inch hole on the bottom so that you can turn it right side out. (Sorry, no picture for this one)

4. Next, start stuffing your shape. I used polyester fiber stuffing. Make sure you poke the stuffing into the ears/corners.

5. Pin together the hole and use a hidden stitch to close the opening. Don't know how to do a hidden stitch? Learn it here.

6. Now it's time to give your owl some character! Cut out eyes, a beak, and wings from a sheet of felt. You could use a different fabric, but keep in mind that felt does not fray and other materials might.

7. Now it's time to sew on the wings, beak, and eyes. I used embroidery thread because I wanted the stitches to be seen, but you could also use regular thread if you want to hide the stitches. Don't forget to hide the knots of your thread under the felt pieces.

After you sew on your wings, beak and eyes...you're done!

(Please excuse the random thread next to the beak on the brown owl.
Didn't see that until after I'd taken the pictures)

Aren't they cute?! They look so cute with the blankets I've made using the same flannel. Hopefully my soon to be little brothers will enjoy them as they grow up.

Let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial or how to make these little guys. You certainly don't have to do an owl. You could do any simple animal shape.

Hope you had a lovely day! I'll be back tomorrow to show you a dress I made this past weekend.



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  2. So cute, Julia! I luuurve these! You could so sell them at Heliotrope!

  3. I'm "introducing" a new line of baby onesies (that I'm making) in the the store. Come check them out in about a week or so. :)