Sunday, June 6, 2010

Road Trip - Part 1

A few weeks ago I headed off on a cross country road trip with my boyfriend and two friends. If you ever have the chance to take a trip across the country I highly recommend it. It's amazing to see how the country changes as you head from one side to the other! Here are some photos from our trip. I hope you enjoy!

Badlands, South Dakota

First wildlife sighting inside the Badlands.

More Badlands - really cool to see the layers in the land.

Mount Rushmore

Camping near Jenny Lake in the Tetons, Wyoming.

Chopping up some firewood.


We went to bed with it raining and woke up to snow on the campsite.

Hiking through the snow in the Tetons.

More hiking through the snow.

Hidden Falls
I'll leave you with these for now. More to come tomorrow.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!! Mine was filled with lots crafting, sun, a cute little baby, and catching up on Season 2 of Tru Blood. Haha. :)


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